Keeping Concrete in Good Condition: Our Guide

3 Reasons to Use a Mini-Mix Concrete Supplier

If you're working on a home improvement project and need to use some concrete, then you may run into problems when you try to order a delivery. The minimum loads of some suppliers will be too big.

In this situation, a mini-mix supplier may be a better bet. Why?

1. You Only Need a Small Amount

You don't always need industrial volumes of concrete on a home development project. You may not use that much on your job. In some cases, you might need more overall, but you want to stagger deliveries at various stages of the project.  

However, when you try to order from a general supplier, they may have minimum order levels that don't suit you. Your concrete needs might be well below these levels.

You don't want to pay for more concrete than you need to use. You also don't want to have to dispose of a load once you've used the amount you do need.

A mini-mix supplier is a better bet here. These companies deliver smaller volumes of ready-mixed concrete in smaller trucks. So, you stand a better chance of getting exactly what you need.

2. You Want to Use a Ready-Mixed Product

If you have a small concreting job, then you can also buy a dry concrete mix that you make up yourself. However, this isn't always a simple process. It also adds time to your job.

For example, you may need to hire equipment to mix the concrete. If you haven't done this before, then you may worry that the concrete won't work well if you don't get things exactly right. Plus, you may not be able to get special mixes in a dry form.

Again, a mini-mix supplier can help here. They drop off the concrete you need, even if you want to use a specialist product, in a ready-mixed state. You won't lose time and you'll get a robust concrete that is ready to use immediately.

3. You Have Access Problems

There are times when you might need quite a lot of concrete for a job but still can't put in a regular order. If a supplier uses large trucks, and you have access problems around your home, then getting the concrete on site can be difficult.

A mini mix concrete supplier usually uses smaller trucks that need less access or space. They can deliver single or multiple loads for you.

To find out more, contact concrete contractors that offer a mini-mix service.