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Here Is Why You Shouldn't Try Fix Asphalt On Your Own

Asphalt is one of the most popular materials used in driveways and parking lots across the country, and for good reason. It is a hardy material, quite cheap and it should last for years when applied properly. Occasionally, asphalt will start to crumble in sections, and when that happens, it can be tempting to fix it on your own. Many hardware and landscaping stores offer you asphalt repair kits, but unless you are an expert yourself, there a few reasons why asphalt repairs should only be done by a professional.

Underlying Issues

Quite often, problems with asphalt surfaces are not just surface level, but the sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Common problems with asphalt, like potholes, can be fixed by just pouring and tamping new asphalt above the pothole, but unless the cause of the pothole is also fixed, then the same thing will happen in just a few months. Draining issues, unstable foundations, poor sealing and so on can all be major problems that need addressing before you can safely say your asphalt is stable for the years to come. Otherwise, you are just wasting money on asphalt repairs that will be useless in short order.

Important To Get Right

Many of the do-it-yourself asphalt repair kits undersell just how difficult it is to get these repairs right. You need to get the right amount, make sure it is at the right level, monitor it to ensure it sets, use special tools to fill gaps and trust that the brand you bought is quality. Those are a lot of asks and uncertainties that should make anyone pause before shelling out some of their hard-earned money for something as important as asphalt repairs. This is not an easy material to work with, and it requires decades of experience to do it well.

One And Done

You might be noticing a common theme when it comes to asphalt repairs, and that is that if you plan on doing them on your own, then you should buy twice the amount of material because you will definitely have to do it more than once. It may be exciting to see this repair as a project you can work on, but after a few hours of your Saturday is flushed down the drain, you won't be as happy. Some things are just better left to the professionals for your own sanity. It is important to know your limitations and when you need an expert to do something you aren't familiar with.