Keeping Concrete in Good Condition: Our Guide

Reasons To Install A Concrete Driveway

The driveway is one of the most prominent hardscaping elements in a front yard. Thus, while any surface that bears vehicles needs to be tough, it should also complement the landscape. Here are several reasons to go with a concrete driveway.

Endless Design Options

You may picture a grey slab when the word concrete comes to mind, but that lies far from the ultimate possibilities of this material. Decorative concrete offers virtually unlimited design options. You can colour it with pigment within the cement mix or stain the set surface with various hues. Mimic earthy natural stone with muted blues, fawns, greys and browns, or instil vibrant patterns using stencils. 

As well as boundless colour options, contractors can create different textures with stamp moulds that they press into unset cement. These textures can replicate the irregularity of natural stone, for instance, and give the impression of individual pavers with grout lines. To maintain the organic feel, seal the surface with a penetrating sealer, or create a glossy finish with a seal that leaves a shiny top cover.

Strong And Durable

It's no surprise that concrete plays a part in many massive structures such as bridges and high-rise buildings. With its incredible strength, bearing a few vehicles on a driveway is no problem at all. You won't need to fuss with maintenance either, especially with the additional protection of sealing. All that concrete driveways typically need is a pressure wash now and then. Additionally, unlike pavers which allow weeds to flourish within the gaps, a solid surface of concrete won't experience any such issues, thus preventing tedious weeding tasks from stealing away your weekends.


Because concrete is such an adaptable material—being able to mimic elements such as stone, brick or timber—you can install it in diverse places around the home, besides the driveway, to create a polished design. If your drive has a border of contrasting pavers, you could repeat that faux paver design along a path to the front door. Around the back of your home, you could spread concrete that imitates timber planks for an earthy feel around the pool deck. Unlike real wood, however, the concrete won't rot and go mouldy. You could continue the theme by edging your garden beds with timber-look concrete pavers or stacking them to create a retaining wall around a raised bed of colourful flowers. To tie your front and back gardens together, repeat the driveway surface around the patio area, creating a pleasing sense of unity and closure.