Keeping Concrete in Good Condition: Our Guide

Design Ideas to Use for Your Polished Concrete Surfaces

There are many ways of finishing concrete surfaces. The range of options means that you can customise the interior and exterior spaces in your home to suit your particular preferences. Polishing concrete is one way of giving it a magnificent finish. In fact, the beauty of this option is that you have a subset of polishing ideas that allow you to come up with a unique style. The following design ideas shed more light on what you can do with your polished concrete surfaces:

Stained Polished Surfaces

The plain, greyish surface can feel a little plain for some homeowners, regardless of how much glow comes from the surface. Staining delivers a luxurious rich finish that surpasses the results you would achieve with other colouring media. Unlike ordinary paint, stains penetrate the surface of the concrete, infusing translucent and luminous qualities into the surface. The results you get can suit many preferable looks including tanned leather, stained wood, natural stone and polished marble.

Plain Grey Polished Surfaces

A plain grey is another option for a polished concrete surface. It is ideal for a subtle background surface that allows the other items in the room to stand out. For example, the plain grey makes for a good patio with houseplants and ornamental artwork. The subtle background doesn't come in the way of the things meant to stand out in the space. The natural grey colour of concrete delivers a simplistic and industrial ambience to the place. You can also use it in garages.

Scoured and Patterned Surfaces

Scouring and patterning also make a good finish on polished concrete surfaces. In the option, you can engrave, cut and stencil the polished surface to achieve unique decorative patterns. The idea permits the application of several colours using various methods that suit your budget and styling needs. For example, engraving polished concrete requires special tools that create a permanent treatment to the concrete surface. The treatments will not lose bond or wear off with time. Engraving, unlike overlays and toppings, routes out permanent patterns whose beauty is enhanced by the polish.

Polished Overlay Surfaces

Polished concrete surfaces have several advantages. They are easy to maintain, durable and appealing aesthetically. If your initial finish doesn't have a polished finish, you can go for polished overlays. They come as blocks of concrete with a polished surface ready for installation. The overlays are a great option for those who have floors with extensive damage, cracks or broken tiles.