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Use These Commercial Concrete Pumping Safety Guidelines

Concrete pumping offers efficiency when constructing commercial buildings. A concrete pump is a machine that helps push out concrete faster than using a wheelbarrow. Concrete pumps can help you save time and money during your construction project. A project manager should consider using these devices due to the many benefits they offer. But every worker must understand how to operate around the concrete pumps. Some safety protocols you should follow during commercial concrete pumping are given below.

Be Responsible

The company handling commercial concrete pumping should be responsible for reducing risks. The first important thing is getting qualified experts to work with the concrete pump. These operators should also understand that right safety measures to take. That allows them to know the best ways to handle risky situations. Any contractor without training should not be permitted to deal with the concrete pump. Any other contractors working around the machine should understand the best ways to prevent accidents. 

Prepare the Area

Proper preparation of the location is necessary before you begin working. The space should accommodate both the pumping vehicle and the concrete pump. Start by marking off the powerlines using cones. Analyse the situation with the rest of the contractors and come up with an ideal plan for the project. Power lines can lead to severe accidents to anyone working in the building site. Thus, all contractors need training on power line safety. 

Cribbing is also vital before any operations on commercial construction work. The process helps to balance off the weight of the cement load. Some concrete pumps come with cribbing gear. 

The outrigging process is also critical before commercial concrete pumping. Failing to carry out the outrigging process right could lead to various accidents. Once you set up the site, it should be strong enough to hold up the outrigger weight. The type of soil in the building site also influences safety. 

Get Insurance

No matter how safe you try to be, you can never prevent all accidents. That is why you need insurance to help the firm and your workers. Commercial concrete pumping is a hazardous task that requires contractors to take safety actions. Concrete pumping insurance covers a range of elements. For instance, you can get general liability coverage, auto liability, and workers compensation. That way, you are not held accountable in case of accidents.


You should work to stay safe during commercial concrete pumping. Follow the guidelines given above to help you prevent accidents during the process. Every contractor has a responsibility to follow the right safety measures.

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