Keeping Concrete in Good Condition: Our Guide

Why You Should Choose Polished Concrete Floors for Your Home

Concrete floors are without a doubt one of the most popular types of flooring systems used in residential, commercial and industrial areas. These floors are strong and durable, but they can also be finished in many different ways to create the exact look and under-foot experience you want.

Polished concrete is one of the most preferred finishing options for concrete floors because it offers qualities that appeal to many building owners. If you're contemplating polishing your residential concrete floors, here are a few crucial benefits that await you.

A hypoallergenic flooring option.

If you have allergy sufferers and people with respiratory diseases in your home, it is important to choose floors that won't worsen their conditions. Certain types of floors such as carpets and rugs are known to harbour dirt and airborne allergens that can circulate in the air when disturbed.

Concrete polishing makes concrete hypoallergenic in order to improve the comfort level of allergy sufferers. This quality makes polished concrete a healthy choice for your family.

An easy-to-clean flooring system.

As with all flooring options, polished concrete requires some level of care to remain pristine and in structurally sound condition. However, you'll love the fact that it's an absolute cinch to maintain. You'll need to occasionally sealcoat your concrete surfaces to make them non-porous, but you won't have to spend much time and effort cleaning your floors.

The dirt that builds up on your floors over time can be removed by regularly sweeping and damp-mopping the floors. No special cleaning products and specialised equipment are required to keep your floors clean.

What's more, the sealcoating on your polished concrete helps protect the floors against permanent stains, as spills can't seep into the concrete.

A comfortable under-foot experience.

Polished concrete may not be the warmest floor option for your home, but it provides a more comfortable under-foot experience than other hard floors like tiles in cold weather.

The concrete slab underneath your polished concrete draws its temperature from the ground and transfers that heat to the cold concrete surface above. This gives a warm feeling below bare feet on cold days.

Polished concrete can provide the above-highlighted benefits in addition to the benefits of standard concrete flooring. If you think that this type of concrete flooring suits your home or if you simply want to find out more about it, feel free to contact a contractor who provides concrete polishing services to discuss your project needs and budget.