Keeping Concrete in Good Condition: Our Guide

Is Concrete The Best Material For Your Water Tanks? A Quick Investigation

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used in all forms of construction, whether it be huge skyscrapers or the driveway of your home. While water tanks have been popular in Australia for hundreds of years, it has often been thought that metal was the best option when it came to the type of building material used for them. The truth is that concrete is a far more reliable material for water tanks, and that becomes more and more clear with every passing year you compare the two types. Here is a quick look at why concrete water tanks are so superior to their metal alternatives.

No Chance Of Poisoning The Water

While modern metallic water tanks are much better at resisting corrosion, there is still a relatively good chance that over the lifetime of your water tank it will get affected by the pollution of rust and other metallic-like elements. While this may not pose a direct health threat to you as you may be using it only for your garden, it can also kill the plants you hold most dear if you are not careful. On the other hand, concrete water tanks are not affected by this problem because the concrete does not corrode as metal does. For those intending to drink from the water in the water tank, you really should consider safety above all else, and that is why concrete water tanks come out ahead.


While metal may last better in other areas of construction, when it comes to water tanks they come up second best. Concrete is just far more resistant to water and the earth than metal is over long periods of time. While metal may last just as well for ten or twenty years, concrete will survive up to a hundred years and sometimes even longer than that. If you intend to live in this house and make it a home, then concrete should be your first choice. 

Put It Wherever

Concrete water tanks do not need to be kept in any specific location, they can fit wherever you want them and be customised to your needed size. Whether that is above ground, in your basement or even on the roof, concrete water tanks can be constructed virtually anywhere. Metal tanks, on the other hand, are generally not suited to underground storage and have a few more restrictions on them. They also do not add as much value to the property, so if you intend to sell, you might lose some of your investment. 

If you want to install a concrete water tank, talk to a contractor in your area.