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Considerations for Decorative Concrete Pool Deck Design

One way to enhance your backyard pool and give it a luxury holiday feel is to construct a stunning deck around it. You could choose to install decorative concrete, which offers a stunning range of design choices, usually at a relatively good price. Here are some considerations to bear in mind:

Deck Styling

One benefit of using decorative concrete is that you have endless style options. Concrete can be coloured and textured to mimic natural slate or travertine. Or the concrete can be treated to emulate grey weathered timber. If your backyard is relatively compact and the pool is next to the house, you can use the external walls and building architecture for inspiration. For example, you could fashion the concrete deck with large charcoal pavers if your home is contemporary. In a vast, expansive yard, the pool may be nestled in the garden and away from the house. You can then pick a concrete deck style that blends in with the landscape. For example, you could opt for an exposed aggregate pool deck full of tan, grey, black, and cream river pebbles.


A pool deck is often splashed with water, and you don't want it to become slippery, so safety is a prime consideration. You could opt for exposed aggregate, which has a bumpy surface and offers a lot of traction. The contractors can choose stones that are curved and of the right size to be barefoot-friendly. Stamped concrete, which emulates stone pavers, also provides abundant textures. Regardless of the concrete style you choose, the contractors can apply a sealant that contains grits for a less slippery deck.

Shape and Size

As well as thinking about the deck's style and texture, you need to determine its placement and size. The proportions of the deck will depend on your yard, but you may have some choice. You'll need space for lounge chairs and other outdoor furniture. Also, think about where you'll enjoy the best view while relaxing by the pool. If you extend the paving to one side, you may face a bland fence. In that case, it may be better to extend the deck where you can enjoy your house's facade or other views of the garden.

Another aspect to think about when planning the layout of a concrete deck is how the sunshine will strike it. The sun may be shaded on one side, so you may prefer to put more decking there. Or you might want a bigger deck area on the sunnier side of the pool as you can always create shade with an umbrella. A residential concreting company will be experienced in various deck proportions and can give you advice on the best options.

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