Keeping Concrete in Good Condition: Our Guide

3 Essential Installation Tips for Your Coloured Concrete Patio

Not many paving materials can beat the versatility, beauty and durability of coloured concrete. For these reasons, coloured concrete has become a popular choice among homeowners looking to install a functional and decorative patio.

Like other paving materials, coloured concrete has to be installed correctly to deliver the benefits that it's revered for. If you're considering installing a coloured concrete patio in your home, below are a few important tips to follow.

1. Allow your wet concrete to cure properly

Moisture is an archenemy of your coloured concrete. Not only does it make the concrete look dull and drab but it also weakens its structural integrity over time.

After the installation of your coloured concrete patio, allow the paved surface enough time to cure and dry properly. Don't apply a concrete sealer on the surface before it cures and dries properly because that will lead to efflorescence. 

Efflorescence occurs when excess moisture trapped in concrete mixes with minerals in the concrete, leaving behind powdery deposit that makes your patio look unsightly.

2. Protect your newly-installed patio from direct sunlight exposure

If coloured concrete is exposed to direct sunlight before it has cured, its surface may begin to fade. For this reason, you should invest in a concrete-curing insulating blanket such as polyethylene sheeting to prevent UV damage to your new concrete patio.

It's also a good idea to carefully think about the placement of your patio. Installing a coloured concrete patio in a shady spot can help limit exposure to UV radiation, thus prolonging its beauty and lifespan.

3. Apply a sealer onto the paved surface

Applying a quality sealer onto your coloured concrete surface is a great way to protect its beauty. Constant foot traffic, UV radiation, spills and splashes and more can leave blemishes on the surface of concrete paving. A concrete sealer can help protect your coloured concrete patio from the damaging effects of such elements.

It's important to note that there are many types of concrete sealers in the market. Be sure to choose a product that can provide maximum protection against the elements or conditions that your patio will be exposed to daily. 

Nothing keeps a coloured concrete patio in a pristine condition better than some TLC. Make sure you sweep and damp mop your patio regularly to keep it clean and looking pristine. Also, avoid dragging heavy items, such as patio furniture on your concrete surface. Proper care will go a long way in keeping the patio area functional.